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This page contains some useful and/or interesting PA-related links. They are categorised but, with the exception of the first category, have no particular order within each category. If you would like to suggest your own site (or any other site that you have found) to be added here, please contact PAforMusic.

No approval of the security or content of the listed sites is implied. Access to them is at your own risk.

Please note that links to PA (and related) manufacturers' and suppliers' sites have their own pages on PAforMusic − click these links.

(where relevant, forums now have their own sub-section at the end of each section)

Organisations, associations, standards bodies, etc.

ABTT − Association of British Theatre Technicians (UK)
AES − Audio Engineering Society (USA)
ALD − Association of Lighting Designers (UK)
ANSI − American National Standards Institute (USA)
ASD − Association of Sound Designers (UK)
ATSC − Advanced Television Systems Committee
AVIXA − Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (USA)
BADA − British Audio-visual Dealers Association (UK)
BECTU − Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union (UK)
BEIRG − British Entertainment Industry Radio Group (UK)
BFA − British Federation of Audio − now defunct, but see BFA
BSI − British Standards Institution (UK)
CCIR − International Radio Consultative Committee − replaced by ITU-R (see About ITU)
CENELEC − European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation
DIN − Deutsches Institut für Normung (Germany)
EBU − European Broadcasting Union
ECIA − Electronic Components Industry Association (USA)
EIA − Electronic Industries Alliance − replaced by ECIA (USA)
EIF − Events Industry Forum (UK)
ESTA − Entertainment Services and Technology Association (USA)
ETSI − European Telecommunications Standardisation Institute
IBS − Institute of Broadcast Sound (UK)
IEC − International Electrotechnical Commission
IEE − Institution of Electrical Engineers − replaced by IET (UK)
IEEE − Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (USA)
IET − Institution of Engineering and Technology (UK)
IFPI − International Federation of the Phonographic Industry
IRT − Institut für Rundfunktechnik (Germany)
ISCE − Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers (UK)
ISO − International Organization for Standardization
ITU − International Telecommunication Union
JFMG − (Joint Frequency Management Group) now replaced by PMSE (Ofcom)
MCPS − Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (part of PRS for Music) (UK)
NAB − National Association of Broadcasters (USA)
NAMM − National Association of Music Merchants (formerly International Music Products Association) (USA)
NOEA − National Outdoor Events Association (UK)
PLASA − Professional Lighting and Sound Association (UK)
PMSE (Ofcom) − radio/wireless licensing for programme-making and special events (formerly JFMG) (UK)
PPL − Public music broadcast licences and ISRC registration (UK)
PRS − Performing Right Society (part of PRS for Music) (UK)
PSA − Production Services Association (UK)
RIAA − Recording Industry Association of America (USA)
SMPTE − Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (USA)
TESA − The Event Services Association (UK)
TIA − Telecommunications Industry Association (USA)
USITT − United States Institute of Theatre Technology (USA)

General PA / audio / acoustics

Uneeda Audio
Rane Pro Audio Reference
Scott's tutorial (archived − the "new site" link is dead)
All Mixed Up (Bob Mills)
AuSIM glossary
SALT − Sound And Light Training manual
Sound Advice − noise pollution & health &safety advice (UK)
smack my pitch up
World Wide Pro Audio Directory
Testing 1212
Church SoundCheck articles
ChurchTechArts (blog)
Creative Planet Network mag
Harvey Appleton's blog
Sound Design Live articles
Microphone data (Rycote)
Shure (UK) educational material
The History of Public Address
The Hardware Book − HwB (connector pinouts and cable descriptions)
Sengpielaudio (German) − calculators, links, forums, etc.
Doctor ProAudio (Spanish) − categorised links to professional audio sites
Sound engineering articles − Electric Blues Club
Speech intelligibility calculator − Mc Squared
BB List − Bazza's Bazaar (private sales of used equipment: audio, video, film, etc.)
Handbook for Acoustic Ecology

blue room − all stage tech: sound, lighting, video, pyro etc.
ProSoundWeb − pro audio
AudioAsylum (incorporating VideoAsylum)
Sound − pro audio − pro audio
SOS (Sound On Sound) − pro audio
ChurchMedia.Net (CMN) − church media community
Lansing Heritage forums

For musicians, vocalists & recording

Electrical Safety for Entertainers − HSE INDG 247 (for UK)
Sing Wise
RecordingEq glossary
Instrument samples
Songstuff music resources (glossary etc.)
Commercial music CDs as audio references
Shavano Music Online − musicians' info site (incl. tech stuff)
Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT)
Audacity (SourceForge)
GM Arts − mostly guitar and MIDI related info
The Pro Audio Files − mostly recording info & tips
Musicaroo − techniques for singing and playing instruments; useful articles; links to online lessons etc.
We Love Singing − singing tips, product reviews, etc.
Musika Lessons blog − a wide variety of interesting articles for musicians

The Gear Page − mostly guitar & bass chat including amps, pedals etc.
Basschat − for bass guitarists
TalkBass − for bass guitarists
Guitar Forums − for guitarists: electric, acoustic, bass
The FretBoard − for guitarists: gear, playing, classifieds, chat (UK)
Ultimate Guitar − sections for guitarists and general music, instruments, etc.
Yamaha Forums UK − mostly keyboard (inc. Roland & Korg) and guitar chat
Home Recording − general audio recording, commercial/home

AV, TV, theatre, film, events, etc:

SHOWORKS glossary
Morgan Scott AV pages
FilmTVsound − production sound articles (previously Equipment Emporium)
TheatreCrafts glossary
Backstage World
EntsWeb entertainment & event management directory
Ents 24 live events listings & ticket sales
The Drama and Theater Resource Guide − links to study resources, blogs, etc

JWSOUND − film sound recording
FilmTVsound forum

Equipment repair, mods, self-build, etc:

Health & Safety document eis36 − repair of domestic audio, TV, etc. (pdf file)
Health & Safety document indg354 − testing of electrical equipment (pdf file)
Electricity at Work Regulations
Repair FAQ
Repair FAQ − repair info
Sam's bookmarks − Sams Technical Publishing − Usenet group via Google
Findchips − chip finder
AllDataSheet − component data sheets
Datasheets360 − database of component data sheets & suggested suppliers
DatasheetArchive − search engine for component data sheets & application notes
SMD marking codes
Many useful DIY audio projects − schematics, some PCBs for sale (Elliot Sound Products)
Useful audio projects and design information (
Connector pin-outs information (some AV but mostly computer-related)

eSi − eServiceInfo − service manuals etc. − repair manuals etc
Elektro Tanya − service manuals & schematics
Electronica PT − electronics circuits & schematics
Synfo − vintage synth service manuals etc
Remont Audio (Russian)
Schematics Unlimited
JustRadios − old TV schematics − TV repair manuals − schematics & manuals − free audio equipment schematics
Gyraf Audio's Obscure Schematics

DrTube − guitar amps, info & schematics
AmpRepairParts − sound equipment schematics
The Tube Store − guitar amp schematics
Champ Electronics 'vintage valve amp hospital' − mods & info
Guitar effects info − schematics
London Sound (repair & spares shop)
The Snowfields − vintage musical equipment manuals & schematics
Electronic Studio − vintage Fender amp schematics etc.

Seme-NEDIS − domestic appliance spares − info for consumer electronics service engineers
Audio capacitor characteristics (Elliot Sound Products)
AA battery comparisons and characteristics (BitBox)

diyAudio − DIY audio projects etc.
GroupDIY − DIY audio projects etc. − mostly studio / recording / mastering gear
Music Electronics
e-repair Service Engineers Forum
Amp Garage
El34 World

Music, audio clips & related info

Lyrics Mania
Song Meanings
Song Facts
Royalty-free music & sound FX
SoundBible − free sound clips, sound FX, etc.
Commercial music CDs as audio references


  • No approval of the security or content of the listed sites is implied. Access to them is at your own risk.
  • Please contact PAforMusic if any of these links are broken, or if you would like to suggest other sites to be added.

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